The British Land Speedsail Association was set up in 1986 to look after the sport of Speedsailing in the UK

Blokart Sailing was added in 2004.The BLSA works to ensure that the sports are taught, operated and performed in a safe way, with proper regard to use of equipment, other sailors and members of the public, and areas sailed in. While we cannot and do not seek to make membership compulsory, we think the benefits are enormous and membership only makes sense.

The BLSA aims to support its members at all levels and recognizes that not everyone in the BLSA wishes to race (though it’s great fun at all levels !). To this end, the BLSA attempts to devise a yearly calendar that incorporates social/fun events as well as race events and training.

Chris Moore when he was Chairman and then Secretary managed to advance the cause of members by working with insurers to develop a great insurance scheme.  It’s important to have insurance as most councils and land owners insist on it being in place and we can’t really help you if you haven’t got 3rdParty insurance cover.  For 2017 The BLSA Insurers will be Aviva. This scheme provides better cover than most other sporting policies of this type available.  It is a major achievement for both sports.

BLSA insurance from 2017 gives you £10 million public liability cover against injury or damage to other person(s) or property. (It does not cover you or your kit.). It covers you on a member to member basis as well, and covers you to some extent  if you organize events, as long as events are run to BLSA regulations.

To join the BLSA Click here and join online and have a look around the BLSA's website.