All windzone area users must be current members of one of the following clubs:

Wind, Wheels and Waves.

British Land Speedsail Association (BLSA)


Wind for all.

All windsports use must be within the designated area of the beach

BLSA K Sail Numbers Must be shown on your sails

Carry membership and insurance details

If there is a risk of collision - always veer to the right and leave sufficient space

Always look before you gybe or tack

When equipment is not being used it should be left in a safe and tidy manner within the Windzone area

Fly or sail within your capabilities and only in winds you are comfortable in

Always wear appropriate protective clothing – safety helmet, gloves, knee and arm pads

Failure to adhere to the following site regulations or specific club regulations will result in membership being terminated

Do not leave litter 

All children under the age of 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian

The site is monitored and controlled by NSC; if you have any inquires please contact us: 

The Beach Office 01934 626982

In case of emergency call 999


Directions To The Zone From M5 Jnc 21.

From the Motorway head for Weston on the dual carriageway (A370) stay on the A370 look out for signs for Uphill and Hospital. Eventually you will come to a roundabout whith Weston General Hospital on the other side, At this r/about go straight on, (Hospital is now on your right hand side) Grange Road, At next r/about turn right then take next left, Uphill Way, stay on this road right on to beach. You can drive onto the beach at Weston, The Windzone is on the right as you drive onto the beach, Park along the row of posts that mark out the Windzone.

WINDZONE CLOSURES & BOOKINGS 2017 (Do not use the windzone)


Feb 11 & 12th

March 11 & 12th

April 8 & 9th

May 6 & 7th BLSA B Race

June 10 & 11th

July 8 & 9th

Sept 16 & 17th

Nov 18 & 19th


June 3 & 4th

July 22 & 23rd

August 5 & 6th

Other Dates that the Windzone is out of Use in 2017.

May 27th Sandocross

June 17th & 18 Air Festival

Oct Beach Race Build dates 5th to 20th

Dec 17th Christmas Cracker