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Tear Aid fabric Repair Packs

These packs repair just about any materials, we stock packs to repair :- Punctures, Camping (Tents, Awnings etc), Sails, Inflatables, Boat Covers, lifejackets, Waders, Paddling Pools, Gazebos, Pond Liners, Drysuits, Wetsuits, PVC and Vinyl products, Depending on which pack you want prices are from £4.99 to £18.99

We are stocking these packs :-

Cycling (TA-RP-01) £4.99, Camping (TA-RP-03) £7.99, PVC & Vinyl (TA-RP-06) £5.49, Wet & Drysuit (TA-RP-09) £5.49, Alcohol Wipes (AW-RP-01) £2.49. All these packs contain a selection of patches in different sizes, the higher prices packs have more patches in them and in a variety of sizes, Give us a call to check which pack is best suited to your requirements.