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Ronstan, We can supply all of the range.



We are now stocking Ronstan Hardware. We can get anything they have in their catalogue, but we do have limited stocks, of :- Series 40 Orbit Ratchet Blocks, Series 55 Orbit Ratchet Blocks, Various Shackles, Jamming Cleats and Sailing Race Gloves, Smock Tops.

Full 2013 catalogue downloadable here (pdf).


  Ratchet Blocks:- 


  Series 40 RF46100 £59.00              Series 40 RF46100M £60.00


       Series 55 RF56100 £77.00               Series 55 RF56101 £73.00


C - Cleat:- Medium Jamming Cleat £27.00 various colours to match sail colour.   


Series 20

RF20101  £10.00


RF20202 £26.00                               RF20212 £29.00

V Jammer RF341  £32.00


Shackles:-  Various types and sizes, priced from £3.99


Sticky 3 finger race glove £35.00


     Regatta Smock Top, £110.00